Last week I did a buyers review for, read about it here. Today I am reviewing another online shopping store,
Last week I lost a pair of earphones, so I decided to order a new pair online. I stumbled across AllMyTech while searching for earphones online. I was immediately intrigued by it. They claim to be Pakistan’s First Alternative Store (although I don’t know what that means). The thing that intrigued me about their website was that they were not selling mainstream products such as Samsung or LG phones. Instead they were selling products from lesser known sellers such as Xiaomi or Lenovo.

Website and Layout:

I did not find the website layout very appealing. It seems bland and lifeless. The menu bar stretches across two rows, making the whole website look bad. When you scroll down, you can see featured deals and products.
At the end, you have the newsletter subscription box and the footer navigation. In my opinion the layout can be improved drastically.

navigation allmytech

Searching for the product:

Navigating through the menus was easy. I quickly found the earphones category under the electronics menu. Once I was on the earphone’s page, I was able to sort the earphones through brand, price, bestselling, and newest products. The sorting process was simple and easy to use.

I decided to buy the Xiaomi Piston V3 earphones. They were priced for Rs. 2,000 when I bought them.


The checkout process at AllMyTech is pretty simple. You can check out as a guest and they require the basic info, such as name, number, email and address. The process is fast, and I had checked out in less than 5 minutes.
checkout allmytech

Order Confirmation:

Once I checked out, I got an email stating my order details. The next day I got a confirmation call. The customer service agent confirmed my address and told me the order would arrive in 24-36 hours.
On a side note, AllMyTech sends out an email with a link to view the current order status (e.g. if it has been confirmed, shipped, etc). However, the feature is only open to registered users. I would suggest that AllMyTech remove the link from the email for users who have checked out as guests.
order status allmytech

Customer Service:

The customer service was good. They were polite when confirming my order. Overall a good experience.


The product was delivered on time and in good condition. Unlike which delivered its product in an open bag. AllMyTech’s product came in a sealed bag. The product was delivered by forrun (a new courier company).
One thing to note was that the customer service agent had told me that the rider would call me before making the delivery. Unfortunately, I did not receive a call before delivery. I had given my office address for delivery and I was out of the office when the rider came to deliver my order. Thankfully one of my colleagues was at the office and he paid for the parcel.
I believe that since parcels are Cash on Delivery, a rider should call the consignee before making the delivery attempt. This would reduce the hassle for both the delivery company and the consignee

Product Condition:

The product was in good condition. As mentioned earlier, the product was received in a sealed bag.



Overall Impression:

My first interaction with AllMyTech was average overall. Nothing about my experience stood out. I would suggest that they improve their website and make it more user friendly. The website gives a negative first impression. The Pakistani market place is becoming increasingly competitive and first impressions matter a lot.
The delivery was average as well. I understand that since the delivery is outsourced, AllMyTech does not have control over it. However, I would ask them to talk to forrun’s management to make the delivery experience better for their customer.

Would I shop Again?

Yes. I would shop again. AllMyTech gave me no reason not to shop at their store again.

Do you agree with my assessment of AllMyTech? Let us know in the comments