Who doesn’t love a plate of hot Biryani on a lazy Friday afternoon?

Having read a couple of reviews on this new Biryani outlet “Baba Biryani”, I decided to give it a shot. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? (also it’s extremely pocket friendly at the end of the month).

Initial Thoughts

Initially ordered their Chicken Biryani (priced at Rs. 165) and Raita (Rs. 40). The staff was very courteous when I placed my order – something I really appreciate. Total bill came down to less than Rs. 250 with a drink. The order was delivered within 30 minutes – nicely packed and hot.

The biryani was surprisingly nice and tasted…clean. It lacked the usual feel of food being made under unhygienic conditions…nice light orangish color…distinct flavors…but the best part was that their raita actually had yogurt in it. I can’t remember the last time I ordered raita with Biryani that actually tasted of yogurt. That was a pleasant surprise.

Baba Biryani Baba Biryani

Given the good Biryani experience, next day I decided to try their beef pulao. They took my order within a minute, and the food arrived within 30 minutes – again hot and fresh. I am not exaggerating when I say it was perhaps the best beef bazar ki pulao I had ever had! It had that strong beef yakhni flavor, had that hint of spice from the green chilies, meat was clean and tender…everything just worked. It was a perfect meal and I was relieved to have found my go-to place at the end of month. Great value for money!

Baba Biryani

A colleague also ordered their chicken pulao which she liked, but I found the beef pulao to be significantly better. The chicken pulao was a little bland for me.

Baba Biryani

But alas! All good things must come to an end.

When I ordered their Beef pulao again, the following week for myself and a colleague…completely unaware of the major changes made at Baba Biryani. I was expecting the same authentic, simple, flavorful beef pulao, but instead I got something that looked like this:

Baba Biryani 5

I thought maybe they’ve added color to their pulao to make it appear more visually appealing, but soon after taking the first bite I realized that it was not at all the same pulao I had ordered last week. This was something completely different. I thought I ordered something wrong or that my order got mixed up, but upon calling them I found out that they have very conveniently changed their recipe. I hope they have a very good reason for doing this because the item they decided to change on their menu could very easily be their signature dish. The new beef pulao is…well let’s just say the bland chicken pulao tastes much better than the new beef pulao.

They were nice enough to change the pulao with biryani, because honestly, I just couldn’t eat it. It was bland and lacked any flavor at all. It could easily be replaced with plain fried rice and no one would know the difference. Its going to be a while before I try anything else from their menu.


5/5 – very end-of-the-month friendly


Week 1 – 4/5

Week 2 – 1/5


Courtesy: 4/5 – staff is very polite which is always appreciated

Timing: 5/5 – Delivered within 30 minutes every single time


2/5 – I don’t even want to talk about this x.x


Baba Biryani 6