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How it Works

  • After you signup, you will receive an email stating that your request has been approved.
  • You will be paired with one of our in-house editors.
  • Once you are paired with the editor, you can email your post to the editor.
  • The editor will proof-read the post and check if it follows our guidelines.
  • If everything checks out, the editor will let you know that your post has been approved and tell you when the post will be published.
  • The post will be published using your name (So don’t worry about someone else taking the credit for your work)
  • Once the post is published, you can share it and tell your friends.

How will the Editor Help Me?

  • The editor will be your guide on making good and effective content.
  • The editor will be available through email so you can always contact them.
  • You can contact the editor about almost anything, this includes getting suggestions about topics, getting your posts reviewed, asking the editor how to make your post more engaging and whether the post conforms to the guidelines.
  • You can even ask the editor to help you find pictures (In case you are having difficulty finding good pictures)

Type of Content we are looking for:

As our name suggests, we are a blog that helps people in making better decisions. Those decisions can be about anything; ranging from reviews about eateries and online stores to tips about money and fashion. Just remember it has to help people and add value to their lives.

We do not entertain content that insults or maligns, because we believe that it does not add any value to anyone’s life. Instead, we suggest you write about how people can improve a situation or avoid an inconvenience.

What Should be included?

A typical blog post should contain the following things:

  • A Catchy Title: Something that immediately generates interest of a reader.
  • A Sub-Heading: Giving the reader a preview about your post.
  • Sections: A well organized post is written in multiple sections. Check out a few of our posts to get an idea. Make sure you have at least three sections. Mould sections according to your post.
  • Pictures: Include pictures to make the post more engaging for the reader.  One for the cover and the rest to be included in the post.
  • A Verdict: A post should have a verdict, where the writer gives his or her opinion. The readers don’t just want to hear about your experience, rather, they want to know if you were happy with it and would you try it again?
  • Good English and Grammar: This is very important.
  • Small Sentences: Make sure you use small sentences. They should be easy to read and understand. Try not to use complex sentences and difficult vocabulary.

How long should my post be?

We suggest that you keep post between 300 and 500 words.

How long will it take for my post to be approved and published?

We typically take around 3 days to approve and publish a post. We will notify you when your post has been published.

Why was my post rejected?

There can be many reasons for a post to be rejected. Read the section about the type of content we want on the blog and the guidelines to make sure your post is not rejected.

In case your post is rejected, your editor will email the reason for rejection and help you edit the post so you can re-send it for approval.

What is your policy on Plagiarism?

We take plagiarism as a very serious offence. All posts will be analysed using plagiarism tools such as turnitin.

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