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Huawei is one of the fastest growing smartphone companies worldwide. It is no surprise that it has also penetrated the Pakistani market with its range of affordable smartphones. It took some time for the local customers to understand that this was not just another low-quality Chinese manufacturer but one offering some of the best specs in the best price. The Honor series, Mate series and now the company’s flagship phone – the P9 has stolen the show from local and international players in the Pakistani market.


huawei p9

Huawei P9


Q Mobile was initially running the show locally but the popularity for Huawei continues to grow day by day and Samsung phones in the same price range do not even come near the specs offered by the fastest growing smartphone giant worldwide.

Needless to say, other local companies such as Rivo, GFive, Haier, etc. do not deserve a mention here since these are companies that think they can offer poor quality products by capitalizing on the cheap smartphone bandwagon created by Q-Mobile. Well, a shout out to these companies – time to IMPROVE!!!!

Back to Huawei…. To clarify, this is not a paid article. You have to compliment someone of they’re doing a good job and in my books the company has done well for the Pakistani customers. Before they entered the Pakistani market, we assumed that cheap quality plastic phones with no long term reliability were all we could get for our minimal budgets. Well, they proved us wrong by offering extremely good quality phones with pricing at par with local and international players who had established themselves way before Huawei stepped in. Check out their range of smartphones for every budget on their official website in Pakistan.


mate8, nexus6p

Left to Right: Mate 8, Nexus 6p


The company has done such a good job that it was commissioned to design the most recently launched Google Nexus 6p. For those who do not know about the Nexus series, these are flagship phones launched directly by Google, having the most pure, non-corrupted form of android. Google started off with Samsung, then LG, then Motorola and now it had Huawei design its latest flagship phone. For a company that is one of the most valuable on Earth, the option to choose Huawei over so many others must speak volumes about its trust in Huawei.


Final Verdict 

It’s time we ditch the stupid desi mentality of preferring brands over value. Just because it says Huawei on the label does not make it a cheap Chinese phone. Huawei according to me is one of the best phones to buy these days and the best value for money. For those who have more money to spend, the Huawei P9 and Google Nexus 6p manufactured by Huawei are one of the best options out there.