il posto restaurant store frontIl posto caffe and ristorante has been launched as a treat for food lovers, serving authentic italian food, hence the name ‘Ristorante’. Owned by a native Italian Chef, it is still in its soft launch phase and has been getting a lot of attention nowadays.
Il Posto is located at Main Khayaban e Shahbaz (nestled between 26th street and Saba avenue) and has replaced Gon pacci. The cafe is sprawled over one huge floor, with dazzling lights and decor at the main entrance.

Our Experience – Il Posto Caffe and Ristorante:

We visited Il Posto at a week night with a group of five friends. The place was quiet and half empty, which wasn’t a bad thing considering the fact that it was Wednesday evening. The best thing we noticed and experienced was the fact that when we were seated, the owner himself and his Italian wife came to visit us and provided us with a hospitable environment by chatting with us for a good 10-15 minutes. During which they told us how they ended up in this country and decided to pursue the food business. The waiters were up to the same standard, they were properly aware of all the serving and cutlery rules and helped us decipher the Italian Menu, guiding and helping us choose the best items. The dining area was evenly lit with Italian music playing in the back ground. This added to the whole ambiance of the Ristorante.

The Food:

We tried out a few dishes at Il Posto, which will be reviewed as follows:

1) Bread basket and Bruschetta:

This bread and butter basket, and a plate of Bruschetta (Ricotta cheese, tomatoes and eggplants) was complementary. It was the perfect thing to start the meal with, and the garlic butter was wiped clean in a jiffy.

2) Beef Ravioli with Walnut sauce:

13814378_10153589992246262_247251471_nThe Ravioli was amazing stuffed and pressed with meat and drizzled with white sauce. The only downside to this dish was the portion size, which was miserly and disappointing.

3) Classic Lasagna:

13814979_10153589992221262_31395599_nThis dish was one of our favorites. The portion size was satisfying and it was up to the standards of any other cheesy lasagna served at a good place.

4) Stuffed Mushrooms Chicken:

13817166_10153589991571262_1867877365_nAgain this dish was delicious, the chicken stuffed with sliced Mushrooms and doused with tomato sauce, but the portion size was too small which stopped it from reaching the sort of perfection it deserved.

5) Boscillo Pizza:

13814504_10153589992146262_621485360_nthis pizza was served with chunks of chicken on a thin crust with tomato and basil sauce, and herbs which enriched the taste buds.

6) Cream filled Chocolate Eclairs:

13820393_10153589992281262_1390213986_nthis dessert was again served complementary adding to the hospitality praise of the place. The eclairs were filled with Boston creme and were just the perfect thing to satisfy our sweet tooth.

The Verdict:

Il Posto gets a rating of 8/10 mainly because of the attention we received, the service and the ambiance. If the judgment were made only on the basis of food, Il Posto would only have gotten a weak 7, because of the disappointing portion sizes.

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