shareThe movie Jason Bourne is a continuation of the Bourne franchise, featuring movies such as ‘The Bourne Identity (2002)’, ‘The Bourne Supremacy (2004)’, ‘The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)’ and ‘The Bourne Legacy (2012)’ in which Bourne himself did not appear. So here it is: Bourne, a character created by Robert Ludlum and played by Matt Damon in a spy-thriller series, portraying a CIA Trained Killer who is on the run and his survival instincts want to know who is after him and why? The fifth installment in these series has been directed by Paul Greengrass who took over the series after the 2004 release.

The Jason Bourne Story line:

The story starts off with the brainwashed assassin Jason Bourne, currently waist deep in a self imposed exile. He is in hiding somewhere in the middle of Greece, where occasionally he comes up for an occasional street fight or a boxing match.

Just minutes into the movie, Jason Bourne is approached by his former colleague Nicky played by Julia Stiles, who wants to fill him in with the details of the ‘Treadstone Project’ and details about what happened to Bourne’s father, Richard Webb (Gregg Henry). Her main aim is to upload all these files on the internet in an attempt to expose the secret projects that turned Bourne and other CIA agents into killers.

Standing in the way of these exposures is the nefarious CIA Director, Robert Dewey played by the ‘Man in Black’, Tommy Lee Jones and his subordinate Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), and even more dangerously their undercover assassin named simply ‘The Asset’ played by Vincent Cassel. Robert Dewey is also working with a Tech Genius named Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed) who has launched a Social media website by the name of Deep Dream and might also be responsible for assisting the CIA and the Government in privacy breaching.

Note that all these issues shown are actual real life issues relating the Governments breach of privacy on the internet. All these issues result in an action driven Global chase with the CIA at his heel, the finale of which happens in Las Vegas.

Star Screen Presence:

Matt Damon does a fine job of playing the lead character of Jason Bourne even at the age of 45, a franchise which he started in his boyish days. Tommy Lee Jones although fits well into the role of the Villain but fails to stand out. Vincent Cassel is wasted in this film, he is shown to be menacing and threatening but only shows a bit of his real capabilities of damage in the end. Riz Ahmed is the only actor who makes any real impact, by playing the businessman who knows his secrets are going to be leaked out any second.

Direction and Special Effects:

Greengrass has shown his capabilities in the well shot action scenes and the four chase scenes shown in the movie, that do a good job of keeping the audience energized. The CGI effects are almost invisible.


The script and the dialogues weren’t up to the mark. The dialogues felt a little forced and boring. The leading man Jason Bourne is especially kept short on dialogues. Not giving him enough dialogues in a movie titled by his name is not a smart move.

Parental Guidance:

Jason Bourne is rated a strong PG-13 due to violence and a dead body count in the movie, along with some inappropriate words such as ‘Sh*t’ and ‘B**ch’.

The Verdict – Jason Bourne:

The movie will just be awarded a 6.5/10. The movie could have done better in terms of dialogues and the characters should have made a bit more impact than they did. The movie was borderline boring for an action thriller of this standing, but still it can pass for a Blockbuster for the summer.