pranzo (5)Pranzo is a fine dining restaurant situated in a beautiful bungalow in the Clifton area. Pranzo means ‘Would you like to come have lunch with me?’ Which is quite a cheeky and creative name for a restaurant. Now the best thing about Pranzo is its focus on both ambiance, service, and food quality. It has an indoor seating arrangement decorated with paintings and stunning chandeliers and an outdoor seating area with small trees and plants, and wooden tables with candle lights. This arrangement makes Pranzo a place where you can dine with family, friends, colleagues and even a romantic date night in the outdoor portion.

Our Experience:

I decided to visit Pranzo with a small group of close knit friends. We chose the outdoor seating area just because of our preferences, otherwise the indoor dining hall was just as good with just the right temperature and live jazz music streaming. We were seated on one of the wooden tables by the extremely attentive waiter, who also presented us with the menu and was very well informed and guided us in detail about each dish and rattling off the names of the specials they offered. We quickly took to finally choosing what we wanted to order and the orders arrived after exactly 20 minutes of waiting, which just made us more happy with their service.

The Food:

We ordered a variety of dishes, which will be reviewed as under:

1) Chicken cheese lasagna:

This lasagna was served in a dining plate instead of the customary baked dish, in a folded fashion. So at first glance, I thought that the portion size wouldn’t be enough, but it was. And the taste was close to perfect. But only, maybe, people who like extra white sauce in their lasagna might have found it to be a teeny weeny bit less.

pranzo (2)

2) Caesar Salad:

The salad was prepared with fresh crispy lettuce, boiled and sliced eggs, grilled chicken, croutons and olives with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, and lemon juice and olive oil dressing. The salad was a classic preparation and completely won us over.

pranzo (1)

3) Pepper Steak Medium:

The pepper steak was ordered with instructions to be done medium well. The instructions were followed up to the point and the steak literally melted in one’s mouth. The portion size looked less, but again, like the lasagna it was very filling.

pranzo (4)

4) Chicken Tournedoes:

The last main course dish we tried was a dish I hadn’t tried before. Chicken tTurnedoes are originally lean chicken breast pieces wrapped with bacon and served with creamy sauce. Pranzo made an alternative dish, skipping the bacon and we loved it. The succulent wrapped meat pieces doused in creamy sauce and the serving size was ample enough.

pranzo (3)

5) Creme Brulee:

For dessert we ordered Creme Brulee which was again something we immensely enjoyed. The custard base was rich and dense with a hard caramel layer on top. There wasn’t any added vanilla smell which usually ruins the whole dish.

pranzo (6)

The Verdict:

The verdict will be higher than the average of what we have given up till now. Pranzo was a solid 8.5/10, the main reason being that it was versatile enough to hold gatherings of different purposes, whether a formal dinner, work meeting, date night or a casual get together with friends. Then the atmosphere was perfect with the right temperature, decor and music. The servers gave us their maximum attention and lastly the food was exemplary down to the last bite. After positively checking this whole, one can ask, what else does a foodie really need?

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