Privacy Policy

Welcome to . To better protect your privacy,  We here explain to you the information we collect about you and the purposes for which it can be used in the context of the running of our website.

Information to be collected:

You can view most of the content of our web pages without disclosing any personal information, but some services do need your identifiable information.We may look into non-personal info such as your operating system, browser or internet service provider.

Information uses:

Your identity is used to provide you better services, for instance; if you have subscribed to our newsletter, your name and email id is used to email you up to date info on science.  Your personal info is used to respond to your questions regarding the material on our side. The comment section on every post requires your identity before you are allowed to comment there.

In addition, your personal or not- personal info is sometimes used; to personalize your browsing experience, to analyze traffic on our site or to customize our side to give you better user-experience.

We may disclose your info in case asked by law enforcement agencies or by courts.

Although we try our best not to disclose your privacy, but we cannot ensure it because sometimes information does leak unintentionally.

Information collected by other web/sponsors: may contain links of other websites or sponsors. In this case you need to confer with those sites privacy policy. We are not responsible for the information taken by those third parties because they are not under our control.

Google Ad cookies:

While you are browsing our website, we may use Google Double Click cookies and Google Adsense. They only use your non-personal information to show you ads of your interests.

Cookies from the web:

To store your personal identity, we use web cookies. In order to support our’s site running we may use third party advertisement such as google adsense program. They use cookies while advertising and collect knowledge about your browser, ip address or internet service provider.

Contact us:

Feel free to contact us for any clarifications regarding our privacy policy.