rajdhani delightsRajdhani delights is an authentic Indian thali restaurant, which has experimented with the whole concept of providing mainly vegetarian meal served in a Gujrati and/or Indian thali. The restaurant is situated in a commercial area of Block 7, Clifton. This thali serving dishes concept hasn’t been tested anywhere as such in Karachi until now. A few other Desi food places do offer simple thali’s but those restaurants focus more on barbecued items and other Pakistani cuisine, so much so that the thali falls off from their specialties list and is not focused on any more.

Rajdhaani delights solved this problem by focusing on the thiali only and also by listening to the plight of vegetarians scattered around Karachi who are craving for new experiments with Non-meat dishes. Their whole focus has been on one thing and for that they have worked on a different menu for each day of the week. This has led to their expansion in terms of variety and also to their success in terms of providing a new experience, which adds to their favor because the people of the Metropolis are always up for some new adventures and new experiences.

Our Experience – Rajdhani delights :

rajdhani delightsSince Rajdhani delights is a place you need to try out at least once, so we arrived at the place in a big group ready to check out what the place is all about, for ourselves. The place was a little unappealing from the outside, being situated in a very commercial area of the town, it did not emit that aura of aesthetics from the outside which a restaurant of this caliber should, but on our entry inside the place was very well decorated in contrast. The environment was comfortable and inviting although the place was a bit small. The tables were set in two long rows and silver polished thalis were set in each seating place. The waiters who were dressed in the whole Gujarati attire, who funnily enough reminded us of Ram Leela, attended to us immediately, explaining the whole concept of each thali and that days specific menu. The best part of the service provided to us was when the waiters brought us basins in which they helped us wash our hands with rose water before the meal, which was the sort of pampering which flattered us quite a bit much.


The Food:

The menu of the day which we tried out was Thursdays menu which is a full fledged meal plan with starters, main course, desserts and drinks.


The dahi sev puris were an instant hit, with the puffed up pooris filled with chutneys and chanas and were finished by us in just one bite. Another appetizer worth being mentioned was the Rava dhokla which is a snack made from fermented sooji and served with chutney. This appetizer is said to be hard to make, but the chef at Rajdhaanis had apparently mastered the art of dhoklas.

Main course:

rajdhani delightsFor the main course, we had a number of little dishes which we could get filled up endlessly including the Hyderabadi bengan which were a zangy little number, Aaloo Palak, Murgh cholay, the Shahi paneer masala which was a thing to die for (the downside being you wouldn’t get to eat more of it), Chicken Karahi (A sigh of relief from the chicken lovers), and Darbari daal with chawal. All these dishes were something which could flare up any sughar housewife’s competitive streak, trying to prove that she could make it just as good at home. (Yes, duh. We hear it just about enough from our moms)


For a person who’s a big fan of all-things-chutney, I was a bit too excited. We had red chutney and green chutney, Kachumber which is sliced and diced veggie salad and this really sour and perfectly pickled Gujrati achaar. All those knick knacks from chutney portion of the thali used up all colors from the food palette.

Desserts and Drinks:

My sweet tooth made me order kheer which which was well received. And Khajoor ka halwa which was a winner and was my first time trying out that halwa.

For drinks we ordered Masala Chai which is supposed to make the whole digestion process easier but we didn’t like it that much and kept adding sugar to it, an idea which didn’t work apparently.

The Verdict – Rajdhani delights:

Now I’ll start by describing the controversy surrounding the verdict. Rajdhani delights is a heaven for the veggie lovers and home cooked meal lovers and from our side we awarded it 8.5/10. Now the Meat lovers and people who don’t like experimenting with new tastes gave it a weak 6. 

That being said, Rajdhani delights is not a place where you would want to take out your kids for a meal, I mean no one would want to ruin their dinner with a wailing kid turning up his nose at the Daal chawal and Sabzi.

Customer Feedback:

For some the Rs 840 for only vegetables and pulses was a bit too much, in this case the Rajdhani delights management can do something about it by releasing promotions and discount offers once in a while.

Also Rajdhani delights did not look like a very appealing place from the outside. Something should be done about it by making a few adjustments.