I know Hoagies & Subway.

You know Hoagies and Subway.

We all have fought that tiny internal battle of deciding whether to order filling Hoagies or healthy Subway on a boring Monday afternoon. On one such similar Monday, I decided to compare the two – one sandwich at a time…

Round 1: Steak and Cheese


Let’s begin with Hoagies. Now they dont exactly have “Steak & Cheese” but their “Homie” comes pretty close. It includes “juicy steak strips, grilled banana peppers, roasted jalapenos and is topped with mozzarella cheese”. When I told them I don’t want banana peppers in my “Homie” I was informed they don’t add banana peppers at all in any of their sandwiches…I don’t care for banana peppers so let’s move on (also they should update this in their description for banana pepper fans).

Order arrived within 45 minutes…Homie itself is for Rs. 400 and then you pay Rs. 30 for cheese (shouldn’t cheese already be a part of the sandwich?) and then Rs. 30 for coke so the total came down to Rs. 460…which is okay I suppose…but not really because I would prefer fries to be included in that amount, in a perfect world that is.

On the other hand, I had to send someone to pick up subway because never in my life have I received the sandwich I ask for when I order it at home. So I have entirely given up on having it delivered and just send someone to pick it up instead. I ordered their “Steak & Cheese” with honey mustard, garlic mayo, and BBQ sauce with lots of salad in it (they no longer have Cole slaw…which I wasn’t too happy about initially but I noticed it made very little difference).

That one sad 6” subway costs around Rs. 440 with all taxes (drink not included)…so I think price wise they’re both pretty much the same.


I absolutely LOVE how nicely Hoagies are packed. They’re packed tight and neat almost like a Cuban sandwich. Nothing falls apart when you take a bite.

hoagies vs subway
hoagies vs subway

And then there’s the dying marriage of steak strips and vegies…falling apart with every bite…only in the same wrap because of the sauces.

hoagies vs subway

I personally don’t enjoy food that is complicated to eat and subway is one of them. The toasted bread becomes hard after 5 minutes, almost painful to bite and chew.


My Homie did not disappoint! What they don’t add in the description is that there are also caramelized onions which is one of the best things to have in a sandwich! The meat was juicy, the bread was fresh, there were no unnecessary sauces/veggies. Everything complimented each other and in the end, I did not mind not having fries with it. The sandwich was filling and I had to force myself to eat the last two bites. It was a happy Monday lunch!

Now I’m starting to feel a little bad for adding subway to this review because honestly, there is no comparison between the two. The “steak strips” in subway were dry and sad, the bread was hard to chew, the flavors were…missing. I could only taste the sauces and feel a tiny crunch from veggies and weird texture of steak strips. I did not care for the sandwich in the end. It was just something to fill your stomach with. As much as I loved subway back in the day…I think its time is up. They better up their game because in my opinion they’ll just become the pizza hut of sandwiches very soon.
hoagies vs subway


Hoagies – 4/5 (good value for money)

Subway – 3/5 (even though priced same as hoagies, there is no value for money)


Hoagies – 4/5 (it’s a happy sandwich)

Subway – 2/5 (a failed marriage at best)


Hoagies – 4/5

Subway – 2/5 (still waiting for the day when I will receive exactly the sandwich I order on phone)


Hoagies – 5/5 (never been disappointed in the past year)

Subway – 2/5 (do I have to…?)


Also tried Hoagies steak flatbread! Even though it looks like an appetizer, its actually very very filling…you know why? Because BUTTER!! They use lots of butter on their flatbread and I absolutely LOVE butter. I could sleep on a pillow made of butter…that’s how much I love it. But the flatbread was also good, so do try!
hoagies vs subway


hoagies vs subway