suicide_squadWith DC comics highly anticipated movie now finally in theaters, we will review Suicide Squad with the intent of assessing David Ayers directing skills, and whether or not Suicide squad lived up to the craze its trailers created. Starring a bunch of anti heroes played by Will Smith as Dead shot, Margot Robbie, who shot to fame after ‘The Wolf of Wall street’, as the creepy minx Harley Quinn, Jared Leto, a famed actor and lead of the band ‘Thirty seconds to Mars’, as the Damned Joker, Cara Delevingne as the Enchantress and a bunch of other such misfits who are termed as ‘the worst of the worst’ by a top figure government official played by Viola Davis. These crazies are assembled together and sent off on a mission by the government. Suicide squad has already been released internationally and we had been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about the movie. Both good and some equally discrediting. Now that we have seen the movie for ourselves we will proceed with our own review…

The Story:

We won’t waste much time with narrating the story, a quick recap will suffice (without spoilers, obvio!). The movie starts with Amanda Waller (played by Oscar nominee Viola Davis), a top government official urging upon the government to recruit a bunch of Super Villains, and empower them with the government’s own arsenal and send them off to fight against meta human threats. The real reason to choose this squad was the reason that they no longer have anything to lose. Soon after, the ‘Suicide Squad’ realizes that they weren’t chosen to succeed, the truth lies in the fact that the Government vouches for them to fail. Now will the Suicide squad go on and continue the mission or part their ways?

The Cast:

Suicide squad has been much hyped on about mainly due to its cast. We will review the whole squad:
suicide squad
1. We will start off with Will Smith as Deadshot, the criminal who murders for money. Will smith proves in this movie again that he is a ‘Star’ who always emits on and off screen charisma. Deadshot has been shown to have some emotional scenes with his young daughter thus showing that he is capable of love, also by showing that he never murders women or children. Will Smith has a well defined role, which we cannot say about all the characters in this movie.

2. Margot Robbie again, after Will smith deserves praise for playing the psychiatrist turned needs-a-psychiatrist-herself villain named as Harley Quinn. She prances about the movie wearing neon colored clothes, clown makeup and hair, and swinging a baseball bat. Margot Robbie again does a good job with her wicked smile and crazy giggle and the heavy New York accent that shot her to fame in ‘Wolf of wall street’.

3. Jared Leto as the Joker gave us the highest hopes when we first saw the trailer, and originally was intended to be the lead character. But he failed his potential, and looked more like a side character with Smith taking the lead. Jared Leto depicts the psychopathic joker, with green hair, metal teeth and homicidal tendencies. The joker is Harley Quinn’s paramour but they lack chemistry on the screen, and are shown to have more of an abusive relationship. So sadly, we would say that this movie loses points because of the joker.

4. Cara Delevingne plays the ancient witch goddess named Enchantress who is the first to get recruited by the government and also is the first one to betray them, after which the suicide squad goes after her. She is shown to have immense supernatural powers but her story also has some illogical sequences which if explained will lead to spoilers, so we will leave it here.

5. Next up is Killer Croc played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who is layered by prosthetic skin and resembles Ben Grimm in fantastic four. He is shown to live in the sewers and has a filtered voice that makes it difficult to comprehend what he is saying. His role is irrelevant so we don’t even mind.

6. Now we will mush together the rest of the squad: Jay Hernandez playing the pyromaniac named El Diablo, who killed his wife and kids. Captain boomerang played by Jai courtney who… yes, you guessed it right has a boomerang. Slip knot (Adam Beach) another additional irrelevancy, and Katana (karen fukhura) who is armed with a samurai sword that stores the souls of all the people it kills, she has an interesting introduction in the film with a few humorous dialogue exchanges with Harley Quinn.

Direction, Special Effects and Costumes:

Ayer is a promising director who has taken good shots and made good use of the CGI effects. The dialogue is a little off, with no quotable lines. The costumes are wonderful and make up is on point, that does a great job especially with Harley Quinn, the joker and the enchantress. Killer croc should be careful though as a law suit with ‘Fantastic four’ can be expected due to resemblance with their character.


The soundtracks in the movie are so well chosen that I am thinking of making my own separate mix tape for it, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the first trailer made the world go crazy for these bunch of crazies. ‘Heathen’ by twenty one pilots and ‘Sucker for pain’ lil wayne, wiz khalifa and imagine dragons has promised this movie to soar towards the top on the Billboard top 200.

Parental Guidance:

the movie is rated PG13 but parents need to know that it contains a lot of violence, murder, sexist jokes, insults, and additional swear words.

The Verdict:

I was expecting the movie to break the banks this year, but the story line disappointed. If it had lived up to its trailers, I would have given it an 8/10, but sadly and truthfully it only deserves a 7/10.